• Medical drug store Multi sourcing unregistered medicines locally from all over the globe
  • Outsourcing registered items unavailable with the agent.
  • Marketing and registering para pharmaceutics e.g. health supplements, beauty and personal care products, surgical articles, requisites and medical devices.
  • Presenting comprehensive analysis and marketing presentations for products.
  • Providing solid and expanding platforms for international businesses in the local market.
  • Registering international companies and allocating objectives of products to be marketed.

Advertising and Distribution:

  • Introducing products through print, broadcast and virtual media.
  • Active presence at local fairs, trade shows and conferences.
  • Marketing by professionals at the local vendors

Customers Services

  • Our aggressive and reliable services are committed to guarantee satisfaction even at the expense of short term profits.
  • This recognizes our business model that presumes long term relationships and powerful business collaborations.